The Jerusalem Parliament is a network of young, Jerusalem-based leaders from the worlds of business, social entrepreneurship, public policy, journalism and politics. Members include non-profit founders & CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, culture activists, senior government officials, and several participants who went on to become Members of Knesset, including government ministers. More recently, the Parliament launched the Next Generation, a new network for a younger cohort of burgeoning leaders. The Parliament aspires to reflect Jerusalem’s full spectrum of religious, ethnic and political diversity. It is intended not only for Jerusalemites, but also for lovers of the city wherever they may be.

Past Guests of the Parliament

Boris Johnson

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

James Snyder

Former Director of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Executive Chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation  

Randall Lane

Editor Chief Content Officer of the International Business Magazine FORBES, former Consultant to the US Department of State

Professor Richard Florida

Professor for Economic Theory from Columbia University, Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large of CityLab 

Professor Karnit Flug

Former Governor of the Central Bank of Israel. First female governor of the Bank of Israel

Daniel Lubetzky

Mexican-American billionaire businessman, philanthropist, author, and founderFounder and CEO of Kind LLC

Lior Schleien

Satirist and television producer. Winner of 5 TV awards and host of one of the best comedy programs in Israel

Dr. Ilana Dayan

Host of the most renowned Israeli investigative television program “Uvda”, which she’s been leading for over 18 years. Prominent anchorwoman and attorney

Judge Salim Joubran

Former judge of the Supreme Court of Israel. Former Chair of the Israeli Central Elections Committee

Dr. Michael B. Oren

Former Israeli Ambassador to the USA, Former deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office on behalf of the Kulanu Party

Moshe Lion

Current Mayor of the city of Jerusalem, Former head of the Jerusalem Development Authority

Yair Lapid

Current Head of the Opposition in the Knesset, Founder of the Yesh Atid Party.

Judge Yosef Shapira

Former State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel. Former Vice Chairman of the National Disciplinary Tribunal of the Israel Bar Association

Ayelet Shaked

Former Minister of Justice and Kenesset member from the Yemina Party.

Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon

Former Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff, Member of Knesset for the Telem Party

Orly Levy-Abekasis

Current Minister for Community Empowerment and Advancement

Nahum Barnea

Leading journalist, 2007 winner of the Israel Prize in the field of communications

Aluf Benn

Editor-in-Chief of “Haaretz”, a leading newspaper in Israel since 1918

Professor Guy Rolnik

Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Deputy Publisher of “Haaretz”. Founder of the leading business newspaper in Israel “The Marker”C

Yoav Galant

Minister of Education in the Israeli Knesset for the Likud Party. Former Head of the Southern command in the IDF 

Yaakov Amidror

Former Major General and National Security Advisor. Currently, a Senior Fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies

Ze'ev Elkin

Minister of Higher Education on behalf of the Likud Party, former minister of Environmental Protection Ministry

Amos Schocken

Publisher of “Haaretz” Newspaper, a leading newspaper in Israel since 1918

Nir Barkat

Jeruslamite Businass man, served as Mayor of Jerusalem for a decade, currently Knesset member of the Likud party

Moshe Gafni

Member of the Knesset for the Yahadut Hatorah Party. Head of the Monitorial Committee

Natalie Marcus

Creator and head script writer of the unique satire “The Jews are Coming” on Israel`s state-owned channel

Dr. Noha Nasser

Architect and international expert in Urban Planning. Founding Director of the “MELA” social enterprise

Ben Avrahami

Jerusalem’s Mayor’s Office adviser on East Jerusalem Affairs. Head of the “Tikun” NPO

Jeffrey Swartz

Co-Founder and Board Chairman of “MAOZ”. Former CEO of “Timberland”

Gal Alon

Entrepreneur, Founder of crowd-consulting app Insights.US. Former Adjunct lecturer of public policy at the Tel Aviv University  

Assaf Beiser

Screenwriter, television producer, and creator of some of the most popular Israeli comedies

Avi Gabay

CEO of the Cellcom Company. Former head of “HAvoda” party and former Minister of Environmental Protection

Dr. Micha Goodman

Author and expert in Jewish thought. Resarch fellow at the “Hartman” Institute

Jodi Rudoren

Editor-in-Chief of “The Forward” and a former reporter and editor for “The New York”

Ari Shavit

Former Senior journalist at “Haaretz”, a leading newspaper in Israel since 1918

Ofer Hadad

Journalist and news presenter of a leading Israeli news channel

Rabbi Eli Yishai

Former Knesset Member for the Sashe and Deputy Prime Mimister


Our Generous Hosts

Thanks to all those who contributed to the project and made it such a success

To our dedicated team over the years:

Lior Shabo – Founder  

Avshalom Noama 

Bar Peled

Daniel Greenberg

Efrat Atun

Eliraz Avramovich

Elyassaf Ish Shalom

Gidon Babelsberg

Nir Cohen

Or Husky

Shachar Farber-Kalman

Sharon Perry

Snir Yehezkeli

Tal Gulst

Yael Freidson

The next Generation of the Jerusalem Parliament Staff:

Gilad Levy

Nitzan Karsenty

Matan Segal

Mazal Nisimi

Mirit Betito

Sapir Bluzer

Sapir Shabo

Avida yanai

Alon ziv

Omri segev

To those who contributed in different parts of our journey: 

Asaf Beiser
Beri Rozenberg
Charlene Seidle
David Granek
Dror Danino-Forsyth
Elisheva Mazya
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Yoav Yeivin

A very special thanks to James Snyder who was an early believer in and mentor to the Jerusalem Parliament, and graciously agreed to be our first ever keynote speaker

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