November 15 - 08:00 pm


December 6 - 09:00 pm

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The Jerusalem Parliament

Series of four most inspiring lectures coming from four aspects of Jerusalem

Thought you knew Jerusalem? Think again!

Join The Jerusalem Parliament in cooperation with The Menachem Begin Heritage Center for a series of four inspiring lectures from diverse vantage points of Jerusalem.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created both physical and emotional distance, and your absence here in Jerusalem is tangible. We warmly invite you to forge a virtual link with a Jerusalem you’ve never known presented by a cadre of entrepreneurs, social activists and innovators.


November 15 -Sunday 1pm (EST), Jerusalem: Without the Facts, You’re Just Another Person with an Opinion – Lior Schillat

Lior Schillat, Director of the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, has over 20 years of experience in public, political, and business affairs. In the past he acted as assistant to the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and dealt withsensitive projects such as the Security Fence. Lior will speak about the current state of the city and its various challenges.

November 22 -Sunday 1pm (EST), Jerusalem’s Moment to Lead – Karen Brunwasser

Karen Brunwasser is a co-founder of Mekudeshet, an award-winning arts NGO that reimagines Jerusalem from a center of conflict into a laboratory for connection between people of all kinds. Karen will offer a glimpse into Jerusalem’s stunning civic and cultural renaissance, and share how creative individuals from across the city’s diverse sectors are countering polarization with innovation toward a truly shared society.

November 29 -Sunday 1pm (EST), Between Protest and Revolution–a Meah Shearim native rebuilds Ultra-orthodox education -Menachem Bombach

Menachem Bombach is the founder of the preparatory program for Ultra-orthodox students at the Hebrew University. He is also a community leader and educational entrepreneur in the Haredi community. Menachem believes the most fundamental changes start from education, and therefore brings innovative concepts to his programs. He will open your eyes to emerging processes in Haredi society that can overcome stereotypes in the present and in the future.

December 6 – Sunday 1pm (EST), A View of East Jerusalem from the Mayor’s Office -Ben Avrahami

Ben Avrahami is an Advisor to the Mayor of Jerusalem for East Jerusalem Affairs, and was selected by Forbes Magazine for their exclusive “30 Under 30” list thanks to his groundbreaking achievements. He leads a series of strategic research and planning processes in close cooperation with representatives of civil society from East Jerusalem. A talk with him will give you an authentic new understanding about the challenges, progress, and dialogue taking place today in this area of the city.

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